Every Dollar Counts 

CPR Training Manuals: 

Student manuals are given to each of the teachers, coaches, staff or students who undergo CPR certification. Last year Project S.A.V.E. certified over 1600 individuals. 

Mouth-to-Mouth Practice Shields:
Rescue breathing is still an important part of saving a child’s life. Mouth-to-mouth practice shields are used by teachers, coaches and school staff during training and drills to be prepared in the event of a child suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

CPR Instructor Manuals: 

Project S.A.V.E. provides CPR Instructor training to School Nurses, Teachers and Coaches. We taught 134 new CPR instructors, representing 103 counties, who in turn teach their school’s teachers, staff, coaches, and students this life saving skill.

AED Trainer:
AED trainers are used in the classroom and Cardiac Emergency  practice drill. The ability to use an AED trainer in the classroom gives the CPR/AED students a realistic scenario to practice their AED skills.

CPR/AED Instructional DVD:
American Heart Association (AHA) provides scientific updates on CPR every 5 years. 2016 is the year AHA releases their new DVDs to begin teaching the new science. The CPR classes we teach are video driven.

4-Pack of Training Manikins:
Manikins are the most used tool, to learn the skills of saving a life. The CPR/AED students use the manikins to learn and demonstrate their CPR skills.

 Monthly Giving 

Scheduling an online recurring monthly gift is a great way to make an ongoing impact on the health and happiness of our patients. As a not-for-profit, Children's relies on the Centennial Circle of donors who give monthly to provide a consistent and reliable source of funding to ensure we are here for the next 100 years. Join the Centennial Circle of donors today.

   Childhood Obesity Prevention  

Thank you for your support of Children's and its comprehensive effort to combat child obesity
and its associated illnesses. Efforts include early childcare and elementary education, physician and
provider training, a crisis intervention clinic, and public education programs. Children's appreciates your
generous donation and your dedication to improving the health of Georgia's children.

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